Los Pozos

It is a pleasure to find such a nice and well-preserved beach with such quality services within an urban area. Playa Chica, recently restored by Puerto del Rosario City Council, allows its residents to enjoy the beach without using the car or leaving the city.

playa chica con crucero2


Fine-coarse white sand, showers, toilets and changing rooms, and also restaurants and shops at hardly 10 metres from the beach.

Parking next to the beach in some of the nearby streets.

The beach is on the south of the capital city, at Avenida de los Reyes de España, next to the city promenade, right in the city centre.

Length/Width: 120m x 30 m approx.

Parking: At 3 metres from the beach

GPS Coordinates: 28º 29´38,19¨ N – 13º 51´45,88¨ O

Soil type: Fine/coarse white sand

Diving: Yes

Nudism: No





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